During drilling, fishing, completion or wireline jobs, it is critical for the downhole tools to have a obstruction-free casing so as to increase efficiency. Casing Scraper removes rust, scale, cement, mud, bullets, paraffin, perforation burrs and other obstructions or foreign material from the inside walls of casing.

The key seat reamer is a sleeve with five blades dressed with an aggressive tungsten carbide hardfacing. Key Seat Wipers are most effective for reaming out key seats when pulling out of the hole using the single-clutch ascent type, or using the double-clutch dual-action ascent-descent type when reaming in and out of the hole.

Running TIANHE key seat reamer will save you from costly fishing jobs and downtime.

Rotary Subs are made from AISI 4145H modified quenched and tempered material. In addition, it is designed and manufactured according to API specifications as well as with API monogram. They can be used to crossover from connection size to another or as a disposable component used to extend the connection life of a more expensive drill stem member.

The Circulating Sub is connected between wellhead pipe string and ground circulating system. When casing is running or completed, the circulating sub can be connected to provide fluid circulation. According to the application, circulating sub is connected between Kelly and casing or between casing and a hose.

During drilling operation, major wear and tear wear often take place between drill pipes and casings. Wear Sub is used to avoid the wear between drill pipes, tool joints and casings. With features such as compact structure and easy operating, Wear sub can prolong the service life of drill pipe and casing and reduce the vibration and trembling of drilling tools. It can also limit the contact friction between metals.

The oriented bent sub is a major power deflection tool having a fixed angle deviated from the low end thread of the bent sub to the axial line of drill stem. Under the application of oriented bent sub the power drill tool give the bit a constant lateral force to ensure that the bit can cut on the well wall laterally and further drill into a curved well trace.

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