The SJ type two ways shock absorbers are used to simultaneously slow down or eliminate the vertical or horizontal shock from drill string. It can reduce the damage due to shocking to drill bit, drilling tool and surface drilling tool so as to enhance drilling speed and reduce drilling cost.

The YJ type one-way shock absorber (bumper )is a kind of drilling tool. It can effect shock absorbing and shock reduction by means of elastic deforming and anti-coagulation produced from hydraulic oil under the outside force. Its advantages such as simple structure, reliable working performance and easy to maintain can well absorb shocking and vibrating load from drill strings during drilling operation. Therefore, using of shock absorber can raise in structure the service life of drill bit and drill pipe, speed up drilling, get rid of drilling jumping, well protect surface equipments and drilling tools.

CSJ type super fishing jar is a fishing tool which the jarring force is larger than other jar with same specifications. It features a closed structure, reliable performance, easy to adjust and easy to operate. It is a new type of top jarring tool used in oilfield, geological exploration and drilling operation.

The ZJS type jar intensifier is a kind of down hole fishing jar designed to increase jarring energy to top jar. Therefore, it must be run in conjunction with YSJ type hydraulic top jar or CSJ type super jar. Its main function is to supply acceleration to the upper end of the jar during the free jarring stroke. With a special function, the intensifier is essentially a fluid spring which not only can accelerate the top jarring action but also make the jarring action directly to strike on the fish and reduce damages to the drill tool and fishing tool.

KXJ type bumper jar (hereinafter called as bumper jar )is a mechanical jarring tool. It can make jar repeatedly the stuck drill stem to free from stuck point. When stuck drill stem can not be released by lifting and jarring, the bumper jar can be rotated to make releasable fishing tool to release fish. When used with mechanical internal cutter, it can provide an expected feeding force to the internal cutter so as to cutting steadily. When used with reversing unit, it can compensate the rising stroke for threads afterreversing.

YSJ type hydraulic up jar is used to be free from drilling sticking, through hydraulic principle, by means of elastic potential produced from drill tool elastic deformation. Once the elastic potential energy is released, it would produce a large up striking load to reach a purpose of fishing and coring. It features easy structures, strong jarring force,easy to return, convenient operation. If it is used with ZJS type jar intensifier, it may gain better jarring effect.

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