Special Features For Drill Collar

Spiral Grooving In order to reduce differential pressure sticking, the surface of drill collars can be spiral-grooved.note 1-Loss of weight is approximatively 4%, compared to slick drill collars. note 2-Length of spiraled section allows reconditionning of connections.


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Tianhe Downhole motor design d on the most advanced international design technology. We have a Closely cooperating with domestic, surgical research institutes, universities and oilfield drilling companies, and through careful research and development of R & D center in Canada, the design of technical parameters and structure can meet the most demanding oil drilling needs. Tianhe downhole motor is designed for durability and longer service life for different use conditions, with the most stringent specific tolerances for design and manufacturing standards.

The common drill pipe is a rod that connects the drill bit, delivers the drilling fluid and transmits the power in the drilling tool. Our common drill pipe conforms to SY/T5561 and API Spec5DP standards. In order to reduce the wear of the casing and drill pipe, we can weld the wear belt at the end of the drill pipe female buckle joint. Our company has obtained the production and use license of ARNCO 100XT, ARNCO 150XT, ARNCO 300XT and ARNCO 350XT authorized by the American Anke company.

The agitator can improve the effectiveness of bit weight transfer and reduce the friction between drilling tool and borehole through the longitudinal vibration produced by the hydraulic action of drilling fluid, especially in the process of directional drilling to improve the bit weight transfer and reduce torsional vibration. It is a downhole tool used to solve downhole depressurization and improve weight on bit transfer. Smooth weight on bit transfer improves the ability to adjust the bit toolface to reach further target zones. It does not require too much work to adjust the tool face during drilling, keeping the tool face stable and increasing ROP. Particularly suited for horizontal, extended-reach Wells, it can be used in conjunction with MWD, screw, and any bit.


Stress Relief Groove & Bore Back Box

Stress relief grooves improve bending strength of pin and box connections and, therefore, durability. Stress relief grooves for box and pin are defined by API. Bore back box is a gradual reduction of internal diameter by gradually increasing material cross sectional area at critical section. This will ultimately drastically reduce stress concentration during static / dynamic loading and prevents box connections from failure.


We provide several hardbanding materials for customer’s choice: Arnco-100xT, Arnco-300xT, TCS-8000; Smooth surface free of tool marks increases flexibility and permits bending without cracking. API Stress-Relief Groove pin Last scratch of box thread covered by pin API Bore Back Box Large radii reduce stress concentrations .

Slip and Elevator Recess

Slip and elevator recesses improve downhole handling efficiency and safety. Slip and elevator recesses are machined in accordance with API 7-1.

Recommended Hardbanding Location

-Drill collars with slip and elevator recesses (ZIP) 4” long wear pad above elevator recess 1” long wear pad above slip recess. 10” long wear pad under slip recess

-Drill collars with slip recess: 10” long wear pad under slip recess, 4” long wear pad above slip recess.

-Drill collars without slip and elevator recesses: 10” long wear pad at 30” from pin shoulder.

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