API external audit work successfully concluded

Author: vch12401749
Published on: 2022-10-09 19:14
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On October 20, 2022, our company welcomed the arrival of API external audit teacher, and the four-day API external audit work officially began.


API is an acronym for the American Petroleum Institute. Founded in 1919, API is the first national business association in the United States and one of the first and most successful standard-setting chambers of commerce worldwide.


API standards mainly specify equipment performance, and sometimes also include design and process specifications. Standard setting areas include oil production, refining, measurement, remote transportation, marketing, safety and fire protection, environmental regulations, etc. Its information technology standards include EDI, communications and information technology applications for the oil and gas industry.


Since our company obtained API certification qualification in 2008, we have always carried out work in accordance with API standards, and have formed a set of quality assurance system, and continue to improve.


Outside the teacher in the four days of careful review, the first is the production site chosen line audit, then respectively of the quality system, sales contract and review, production planning, technology, procurement, special processes, equipment, quality, human resources, system and so on has carried on the review, after review, outside the teacher careful management of our company to give full affirmation, Thanks to all the participants for their active cooperation, but also pointed out the problems.


The external audit teacher hopes that our company will continue to maintain the performance, constantly improve the level of technology and quality, improve the quality management level, and play a due role in the development of the company.


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